Amori started sketching and painting people and animals at a young age, and took early inspiration from artists as diverse as Picasso, Aubrey Beardsley and Tin Tin creator Hergé. After working in finance and strategic management for around a decade, she left the industry to rekindle her passion in the arts, and pursued higher studies in art and design in South East Asia.

Amori’s art style is a fusion of abstract expressionism and pop art. She works mostly with acrylic on canvas under traditional, and vector graphics in digital media. She is currently working on merging her pop art and abstract expressionism paintings digitally. Her style is at times both whimsical and intuitive, and boldly colourful as she uses colour to convey moods and atmospheres.

Besides painting, she is a published illustrator, and designs and illustrates cover art and book content interiors, and writes and illustrates stories for children.
An award-winning designer from Sri Lanka, Amori lives and works in Galway, on the wild Atlantic coast of Ireland.